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How do I improve my  Instagram bio?

First you have to be clear that your Instagram biography is the first thing potential followers will see, whether you have a brand/company or a personal account, that is why it must be clear and direct where your users can find Who you are? ¿What are you doing? And where can they find you?


That is why we launch the following tips for you to take into account

“ 5 Tips that

you can´t miss

In your biography"


1.- Industry/specialty 

In the case of a brand or company, it is essential to add the business category, that way it will be easier for users to find you, in the case of personal accounts this will help users know what you do and if your content can be of interest to them. 


2.- Add the location It is important for users to know if they will be able to purchase your products or services from the place where they are, in this way you will avoid messages with these types of questions, facilitating the user experience. 


3.- Contact information  Instagram allows you to add, apart from the biography, the email and contact telephone number, if you have a website, you can also add it so that users can learn a little more about what you can offer and generate traffic, if you do not have a website, you can take advantage of creating a call to action either to show your catalog or schedule meetings through different links. 


4.- Emojis Although emojis are much more visual and work very well on this social network, we must be clear about what we want to convey as a brand, since all communication must go hand in hand. 


5.- Slogan or Hashtag  This can help users recognize you and associate your profile with the brand. 



*Do not forget to update your biography from time to time, since both your brand or personal account are always in constant change and improvements. Do not be afraid to optimize it as many times as necessary.