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Steps for a brief


¿What is a brief?


A lot of people don’t know what a brief is but me must be clear that it is a tool we use to get to know the brand we are going to work with, it helps us acquaint to the strategy we are going to choose.


¿How a brief should be?


It is very necessary because it helps us know the brand/company which we will work with, in the same way it allows us to generate ideas and order the tasks that we will do.What’s a brief looking for? 


The brief seeks to give us a broader vision and at the same time focuses on making clear the planning that we must follow when we work.


Types of briefs 


Advertising brief: this type of brief is used to summarize the main data of a campaign, the brand's position in the market, the tone of communication, background and others. 


Marketing brief: it is used to concentrate on the main characteristics that the marketing plan will implement. 


Creative brief: it is aimed at the creative or design team of an agency and details information about the project at a graphic and design level. 


Business brief: is used to focus on details of projects that businesses want to launch.

“A document precise,

direct and functional"

These are the parts of an ideal Brief:


General Objective: the objective to be achieved is crucial to be able to generate good planning, the objective must be realistic and achievable.  Background of the brand/company/product: the history that allows us to see the trajectory of the brand/company/product is essential since it allows us to analyze the strengths and weaknesses that should be taken into account in the future. 


Current situation: we must always take into account the current situation since this will allow us to see what the position in the market, its competences and its projection, this information must be updated multiple times in a year since the market is constantly changing. 


Strategy: at this point we must consider the specific objectives, communication tone, the target audience, the structure of the actions we will take, everything must be detailed to avoid making mistakes. 


Requirements: we need to take into account what the lineage of the brand/company in general, which colors can be used or what type of communication is allowed.   


Budget: it does not only refer to money, here we must take into account the amount of money and time that is planned to be invested to finish the project itself.   


Deliverables: within that we have the marketing reports, graphic pieces by the design team and feedback regarding the campaigns by the advertising team.