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Tips for Freelance Designers


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Who has not been a beginner designer at some point in their life? Let's be honest, we've all had at least one freelance job but if you're just starting out in the creative field, we'll give you some guidelines that will help you in this world of being freelancer. 


Value your work 

Do you block yourself thinking that your work is bad or uncreative? Don't worry, it's happened to all of us when it comes to our work, but you can share it with friends to get an honest and unbiased opinion.


Remember that there are friends and "FRIENDS", when you ask for an opinion make sure it is a good friend who adds and contributes ideas on how to improve, not one that makes you feel bad. 


Present yourself 

Your work is not on a website? Don't worry, at first not all of us use one. There are platforms to show your work like behance or even having an Instagram focused on your projects will help you.


Have your own earning rate per design 

Let's be honest, who doesn't like money? We truly don't like it, we love it! I'm sure they read it singing haha, but let's continue we must be honest with our prices since they will depend on the experience and studies we have. 


Never copy a rate, much less send someone to find out the prices of others. 


Apart from being unethical, you must learn that your work is not the same as that of others. 


Beware of toxic clients.  Learn to say no, we know that there are difficult clients and working with them can be very complicated, so we recommend that you prioritize your mental health before money. There are many ways to politely refuse a client, we show you 2 common phrases:      


  • I'd love to help you, but I'm not currently available.   
  • Right now, I'm full, but I can recommend someone. 


Then retreat slowly (then run when the toxic client is distracted)


Go at your own pace 

If you are just starting out and you don't have real clients, take it easy and create a portfolio based on your own creative proposals (we have to start somehow) even those projects are much more versatile because you can fully develop your own idea and show what you are capable of.


Be organized 

Organization is essential, especially when you work alone, so we recommend having a weekly or monthly planner of the pending things that you have for clients, you can separate it by categories and colors. 


Keep track on your finances and monthly reports to know what your income per client is, keep in mind to have a database with the information of your clients.


*Do not forget that you will have good months and some not so good, but it is up to you to enjoy your projects and give everything in each one of them.